Let’s Restore Your Muscles! We offer Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Sports, and Swedish massages to help reduce pain, muscle soreness, and tension in the body. Schedule Your Appointment Now!

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60-minute massages – $80
90-minute massages – $120


Relaxation station ahead! Light to medium
pressure. Full body.

Deep Tissue

Getting down to business. Medium to firm
pressure. Full body


Having nerve problems? Need trigger
points worked out? This is for you. May or
may not be full-body depending on the
severity of the problem.


Sport-specific. Generally not full body.
Firm pressure.


Because moms-to-be needs a touch too.
Side-lying only, the first trimester requires
a doctor’s note.

Thai Yoga Massage

Fully clothed massage on a mat with the
practitioner using knees and feet as well as
hands and elbows. Deep therapist-assisted


Enhance your massage!

Choose one of our upgrades below in addition to our standard

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$10 Aromatherapy

Let your sense of smell help you relax. Current offerings are pure lavender and Terrae (patchouli, myrrh, spikenard, oakmoss, and clary sage).

$25 15-minute Elevated Thai Stretch

Done clothed before or after the massage on the table.

$10 Deep Muscle Therapy

For those extra stubborn knots. A combination of warming and cooling lotions help relax angry muscles. Spot treatment only.

$40 30-minute Elevated Thai Stretch

Done clothed before or after the massage on the table.

$10 CBD Oil

No highs here, just goodness. Helps with anxiety and general muscle aches. NO THC

$40 30-minute Elevated Upgrade

Need more time? No problem.

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