The majority of people who go to the gym have no idea what they are doing. They expect that by simply putting in the time and energy they will get results. Most of these people work very hard. Doing research to try and figure out which “program” is best for them.

Most people consistently fall short of their goals!

Not seeing any results has left many people feeling like they have gone off the deep end. They have a gym membership. They try and eat healthy… and still fall short. Many feel judged when they go to the gym and can’t stand the unwanted attention.

How can you stop feeling like you’re trapped in your own body?

Choosing from the huge library of workout routines on the internet can be a daunting task. Almost everytime people choose wrong. Then the search continues.

Here is why most programs fall short…

They aren’t tailored to meet your goals and they do not take into account your level of fitness. Working with Midtown Trainers allows you to progress quickly and while maintaining a high level of safety.

Midtown Trainers is specifically designed to make sure you meet your Goals.

Personalized Workouts Designed SPECIFICALLY For Your Body

We Know You’re Busy – We Offer Flexible Scheduling Options!

Complimentary Polar® Fitness Tracker ($80 value)

Good Measure Meal Service & Custom Meal Plan

Complimentary Welcome Kit (water bottle, towel, phone accessory)

Sign up with your neighborhood personal training studio by taking advantage of this great deal. Our personal trainers have created the perfect workout plan that will help you reach new heights in your health and wellness, all while shedding pounds and inches.

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We are confident that our CardioActive Strength-Training program will get you the results you want that if you are not satisfied with your results and have followed our program as prescribed, we will refund your first month of training.

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