What Is CardioActive Training?

• Cardioactive training is our workout style whereby a trainer can instantly monitor and adjust to your performance so that you get every drop of sweat out of every single minute of your session. This style of training allows us to maximize your workout so you get faster results, safely, and customized specifically for your goals. We call it a hybrid of strength training and endurance training. Your form, technique, weight selection, movement, breathing, posture, and performance are being closely fine-tuned as you get better and better every workout! We guarantee you will see a noticeable change in the first 10-14 days!

• Because we provide Lifestyle Coaching, included in your CardioActive Training program, you get faster results.

• Lifestyle Coaching: Custom Meal Plans, Massage, Assisted Stretching, Alkaline Water, and discounts on Meal Delivery Services

• We only hire the top personal trainers and developed them extensively because your time is limited, and we only succeed with you!

How Does It Work?

• We provide a dashboard for you so you can see your progress; measure, track, analyze everything! Into fitness tech? You’re in the right place! • With bursts of energy, you push yourself, but aren’t sure how far is too far? We’ve got your safety front of mind, which is why we only provide 1-on-1 personal training and we track your instant heart rate to keep you safe. • This personalized approach is only for people who are serious and have not had noticeable success in fitness or nutrition on their own.

How Can It Benefit Me?

• With CardioActive, you burn 1,000 calories per hour, you can’t get that with just cardio, or strength training alone.

• You burn three times the fat with CardioActive than Cardio alone. We know exactly what Heart Rate burns the most calories from fat. Yours is probably different than you think.

• You’ll feel a boost in energy, and notice a boost in your metabolism as well.

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