Why You Should Join A Run Club

At all of your favorite races, you see groups adorned with matching shirts in the starting corrals. You see them run through your favorite parks on the weekend and see their post-run selfies all over social media.

If you are an avid runner, or just getting started, there is a chance that you have at least heard about your local neighborhood run club. Have you ever considered joining?

Why You Should Join A Run Club

Scheduled Workouts

Staying consistent is difficult for many people. You make yourself promises and schedule them in, but for one reason or another, they just don’t end up happening. When joining a run club, the meetups are pre-scheduled with a warm-up and cool down all in one.

This type of consistency can really help you reach your goals whether they be just getting more consistent with your runs or improving your pace time. Having a pre-scheduled time and place to meet other runners who are just as motivated, or more, than you is an excellent way to keep yourself accountable.


Speaking of accountability, scheduled workouts are just one of the ways that joining a run club can help you stay accountable. Knowing that there are people waiting on you at a certain time gives you that extra boost needed to get your run in. Also, the other members of the club will often check in on you, so if you miss a meeting or on late, you can expect a couple of phone calls and text messages!

Experienced Coaches

A great thing about joining a run club is having experienced coaches to help you along the way. Usually, the run club has in house trainers that are certified and have been there themselves making them the perfect people to take you to the next level. What’s better is that many run clubs offer training programs for specific local races!


There’s nothing better than a great run among friends. Being part of a run club means making new friends along the way. It’s a great way to socialize with runners in your area, share running tips, and make new friends. Also, many run clubs will hold non-running social events like dinner or shopping for new run shoes!

Find New Races

With all of the different people who join run clubs, there’s bound to be someone with the inside scoop regarding new races you can participate in. Everyone has their specific likes when it comes to races – 5k, marathon, charity, color runs, etc. Connecting with the members of your club is sure to open the door to a whole world of new races that you probably never knew existed.

Extra Motivation

A recurring theme through all of our reasons to join a run club is the extra motivation. From having people that you can depend on, to scheduled workouts, and the social aspect of it all: run clubs serve as a motivational booster club above all else.

Midtown Trainers Run

If you really want to get active, come run with us! Not only do we love to run together, but we possess the skills and the knowledge to train you for any race that you may want to participate in! Give us a call and we can get you running stronger, faster, better, in no time!

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