Concierge TrainerTY SAUNDERSNASM/ISSA Personal Trainer

9 Years in the Fitness Industry, Experience gained from Large Fitness markets like New York, and Atlanta. Also built much experience in a dominant athletic population and Market of Virginia

Develop a high level of skill due to the Functional training Style, which allows me to properly access many different body types to provide an optimal program that not only delivers results physically but also modifies an individual’s lifestyle towards a more healthy and confident regime.

  •  Working with a number of high-level clients and also the youth has given me a very flexible personality and understanding on the perspective of Fitness for different types of people.
  •  I believe in order to have a sustainable change in anyone’s lifestyle you have to see the approached challenger through their eyes and ensure it’s a realistic approach to their needs.
  • I look to share my gift in the Fitness industry with not only individuals who come to the gym but develop a concept reachable to the everyday working class through the added benefits a healthy body can generate more prosperity.




Ty saunders


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The EndorsementsGoogle Reviews


I love this gym.. Ty has been training me for a little over A month now with in those few weeks I have seen a big change Ty is the best! He pushes me to keep going when I’m not ready Awesome trainer.

Sofia B. Giussani
Google Review

I have been training at Midtown Trainers for almost 3 months now, 3x a week, and it has been a wonderful experience. This was my first experience with a personal trainer and they have pushed me to be the best version of myself. Both Ty and Dee are knowledgeable and personable and they make working out fun. Additionally, the transition from in person training to virtual was smooth and seamless. The sessions are customized to my goals and I am slowly but surely crushing these goals. Highly recommend!

Maureen Njunge
Google Review

I've been working with Ty at midtown trainers for a month and I have already seen a difference in definition and endurance. They're always flexible and make use of every minute of our time. I feel like I have tried a million workouts and a million trainers and this is the first time I've ever seen real results. Anyone looking to make a positive change in their life for their health both physical and mental I would recommend midtown trainers any day of the week.

Caitlyn Scofield
Google Review

I’ve been working out consistently for about a month and a half with Ty. He’s amazing! He keeps things interesting. We never do the same routine twice. He’s quick to push me when I need it especially since I’m not a morning person and the morning is the only time I can workout. He’s invested and very knowledgeable. Within a short amount of time we both seeing amazing improvements in my body that I’ve been struggling for years to do. It’s exciting to see what more we’ll accomplish.#itsover!

Jeanine Hubbard
Google Review

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