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tough mudder race


The Tough Mudder Race is one of the most popular obstacle course challenges out there. The Tough Mudder is more than just a race though, it’s a challenge. A challenge that requires stamina, teamwork and the ability to face adversity with a ferocious can-do attitude.

But preparing for such a challenge requires training. At Midtown Trainers, we provide those training for the Tough Mudder with the tools that will thrust them into success. We’ll get you prepared for victory with:


They don’t call it the Tough Mudder for no reason. No, the Tough Mudder Champions will be strong, both mentally and physically. Tough Mudder Training is no joke, and at Midtown Trainers, we take it very seriously. We take you to the next level.


Our cardioactive training is perfect for Tough Mudder Training. This aspect of our program at Midtown gives you the endurance to not only complete each course, but it gives you the strength to keep going, even when the going gets tough.


A part of Tough Mudder Training is fueling your body with the proper food. Not only will you feel healthier, but you will be more prepared to face the Tough Mudder challenge.

If you’ve signed up to become a Tough Mudder, you and your teammates need to come prepared. Midtown training offers individual training, as well as training for your team. Let us put you on the path to success in becoming a Tough Mudder!

See what it looks like when you work with us!

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Imagine getting incredible results like the rest of our clients twice as fast as any cookie cutter workout routine!

The secret is in our revolutionary fitness method…

We are here to optimize your fitness and prioritize each minute that you spend training with us. The effective CardioActive fitness system was designed by our head trainer Trey Harris. CardioActive is all about optimization. This system manages your fatigue so that you can burn up to 1000 calories an hour while gaining serious strength.

CardioActive Personal Training has helped over 10,000 people in only 14 years by combining cardio, functional training and nutrition!


Everytime you exercise with a Midtown trainer they will track your results. To maximize your time we will work with you to adjust your program so that we meet your goals on time. Discover what we can achieve by working together and check out our trainers by clicking below!

Our years of experience have allowed us to create a program that is effective and fun. It will teach you all of the fundamentals of fitness so you can have a strong base which allows you to progress quickly.

Increase your strength, stability and balance all while losing weight fast!

Burns 3X more fat than cardio

Accelerates change in your physique

Increases overall energy levels and tones muscle

With every 1-on-1 session, we provide clear communication on how to get the most out of your body and avoid workout related injury. We take the time to understand your personal needs and medical history so that we can create a safe environment.

Each session is in a private setting which allows you to focus on meeting your goals without the pressure of going to a traditional gym. Staying focused allows you to bring a strong positive intention to every session. Our trainers take the guesswork out of the gym which allows us to make each session just 45 minutes long.



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