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There’s a lot of different racing challenges available for people who want to stretch themselves and really see what they can do. The Tough Mudder, Spartan Race and Battlefrog are just three. These races aren’t about coming in first or winning the race, as much as they are about testing your own personal fortitude and abilities. You don’t have to be the fastest runner or strongest person in the race, but you do have to have well rounded skills to get through the obstacle courses. That’s why many people take sports training in Atlanta to get themselves in shape, so they can complete the course.

Training for these events is not like everyday training.

There’s nothing about these types races that’s ordinary, so ordinary training just won’t do. You need to have the guidance of someone who knows what they’re all about. Some personal trainers participate in these races, so they’re well aware of the type of training you need. It involves building both upper and lower body strength, plus increasing endurance. Most of all, it’s about preparing your mind for the rigorous race and building mental toughness.

Getting ready for the race involves a healthy diet.

You’ll need more than just a good diet to prepare for this race. You’ll need one that’s specifically meant for you and for the grueling workout you’re about to get, both in training and in the race itself. Personal trainers with experience in these types of triathlons can help you with a healthy diet while you’re training, but most of all, help you with nutritional advice for the day of the race. You’ll be brimming with energy from the right diet.

Some trainers get a team together for the Tough Mudder.

The Tough Mudder is as much about teamwork as it is about challenging yourself. If you want to participate in this particular race, it’s best to workout with a trainer. Trainers often work with several people who want to enter it and you’ll have a readymade team that can build the team effort and timing during training times. If you’re the only person they’re training, don’t worry, you’ll make friends to help once you start the race.

No matter what type of sports training you seek, make sure the person you’re training with has participated in that sport. It’s important that he or she understands all it takes to survive and win.

Many of the grueling races give back more than just the challenge of the race. They form a brotherhood where people recognize one another if they see a t-shirt or headband saying they finished the race.

It’s important to finish all the obstacles and do your best. For any obstacle missed in some of the races, you have to do 30 burpees as a penalty.

A personal trainer who has gone through the race course can also help you prepare for specific obstacles and recognize where your weakness is that might prevent you from finishing the race.

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    12 month CardioActive Training plan (Endurance & Weight-loss focus)

    TRIATHLON TRAINING yields 1st Place at Kiawah Island Olympic Tri (1km swim/40k bike/10k run)

    While working with Midtown Trainers for the past 12 months, Tate has achieved amazing results through our CardioActive program. These customized workouts gave him an unprecedented weight-loss, and improved endurance. While working on his strength-training and weight-loss, we were simultaneously able to coach him with our Triathlon training program. Additionally, Tate still follows our nutritional program and took 1st place in a Olympic distance triathlon.* Congrats Tate! Your progress is motivating to everyone around you!

    WEIGHT LOSS -160LBS , MUSCLE Added +17 LBS
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    I definitely recommend Trey if you want to change your life.

    Finding the right personal trainer who really cares about your goals is hard, especially when you want to achieve them in a short period of time. Trey proved me the opposite! Trey, I love your energy that keeps me going when I want to give up, your good advice when I don’t know what I am doing, and your strength when I lost mine!

    Don’t waste your time, effort and money somewhere else where it’s all about money and not personal, this is the real personal training where you feel like the only client!*

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    3 month CardioActive Training plan (Muscle Toning & Weight-loss focus)

    Trey is not your typical trainer. You can tell immediately he’s not just a “human counter” or someone concerning with just making money. He truly cares about assisting you in reaching your goals. In the process, he’ll motivate you, push you to do more, and make you give more than you thought you had to give. It’s hard work, no question. In the three months of working out with Trey, I have learned how to effectively workout, how to use the gym’s equipment, and how to eat healthily.*

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    Trey has helped me curb my diet, my daily routine, and implement a great daily workout that has really changed my overall physique and boosted my confidence.

    The studio also offers services like massages and ready to go meals. He really likes to figure out what your goals are and to help you achieve them. Once you meet Trey, you will instantly see his passion for this. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.*

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    3 month CardioActive Training plan (Strength & Weight loss focus)

    Working out on my own was difficult and confusing, but after three months of training with our Midtown Trainers Trey and Ray, only two to three times a week and following their nutrition guides, I’m getting the results that I never got trying to do it myself!*

    Very impressive results in such a short-time! Congrats James – you made a new level of commitment!

    WEIGHT LOSS -40 LBS , MUSCLE Added +11 LBS
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    Ongoing knee pain sidelined me for almost a year because I was afraid to cause more pain and make matters worse. With a focused workout plan, Midtown Trainers coached me back to health, toned my legs, strengthened my knees and helped me drop 5 dress sizes! It was far superior to the other weight loss programs out there in that Midtown Trainers helped me become a healthy person, not just a person who lost weight.*

    Dress Size 18 to a Size 8!*
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