Roger Skepple

Roger Skepple

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

From the age of 15, Roger’s passion concerning fitness makes him one of kind, even among members of his own family. Early on he disciplined himself to have a no nonsense/no excuses approach to weightlifting which he continues to maintain as an amateur bodybuilder. He obtained a degree in Kinesiology along with an ACSM certification from Georgia State University in 2011 and promptly applied his knowledge.

His experience in this growing field alerted him to rampant problems within the fitness industry. He determined to separate from these as he pursued his own business endeavors and interacted with his personal clients. He refuses to promote fads and “get fit quick” schemes, is highly insistent on correct exercise form and is committed to pushing people past their limits. Throughout the years Roger has honed his motivational skills and believes everyone is capable of achieving whatever fitness goals they have set for themselves.

He has worked with clients of all ages, the oldest being an 80 year old husband and wife. He has also worked with people who have various physical restrictions. Two things you can be assured of while training under his guidance is that you will be motivated and your fitness level will improve with each session.Currently, he is training to obtain professional status as a bodybuilder, maintains an intense 7 day workout regime and wants to create a fitness mobile app


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