Pamela Turner

Pamela Turner

Personal Trainer

Pamela Turner is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer who has a genuine love of fitness and is committed to helping others find a passion for health and wellness. Born in Georgia, and raised in Germany until age 15, Pamela specializes in 1 on 1 personal training. As someone who struggled with being 50 pounds overweight, she knows first hand that hard work and discipline are just as important as strength training and nutrition.

Pamela will help you lead a stronger and healthier life. She will inspire you and teach you self-care. Pamela enjoys the continued success of her personal training and thrives on the excitement she gets from seeing other transform just as she has, both physically and spiritually.

When she’s not busy training at Midtown Trainers, Pamela is perfecting her own fitness goals as a Top 5 Bikini competitor, showing us all that it doesn’t matter where you start; only that you begin.

Bikini & Fitness Competitions:

GA Peach State Championship
NPC Bodybuilding – Bikini and Master Competitor October 13, 2018

NPC Bodybuilding – Bikini and Master Competitor October 27, 2018

Atlantic USA and Eastern Seaboard Competition
NPC Bodybuilding – Bikini and Master Competitor March 2016
NPC Bodybuilding – Bikini and Master Competitor May 2016

SNBF Body Bodybuilding Competition ? Bikini and Master Competitor

Hot Chocolate Run 15K
Publix Half Marathon

Shamrock Rock 10K Run
Hot Chocolate Run 15K


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