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  • TREY HARRIS Owner /Founder of Midtown Trainers | Creator of CardioActive | Personal Trainer

    Midtown Trainers is proud to introduce you to Trey Harris. As a competitive athlete of over 20 years, Trey faces challenges in weight loss for wrestling, rebuilding strength for football, and building endurance for marathons and triathlons. Each sport requires different types of training, herein lies the challenge…How does one find the ideal balanced body weight, proper endurance/strength combination, and correct nutritional intake to optimize the perfect training program?

    After 30 seasons of competitive sports, he has developed a unique style as a fitness trainer. High-rep, low weight endurance style training combines the use of weight-training, plyo-metrics, balance, and core to rapidly transform one’s physique.

    Contact us if you would like to learn more about our fitness training or to schedule a time with a personal trainer like Trey. We will even make sure that your first visit for personal training is free.

    15 Years experience
    EXPERT Certified
    ACHAF Certified
    USAT Triathlon
    NCAA Athlete


    Publix Half Marathon
    Tough Mudder
    EastSide Beltline 10K
    Publix Half Marathon
    Tough Mudder
    Intown 10K
    Tough Mudder
    Peachtree Road Race
    Summerfest 5k
    Kiawah Island Triathlon
    Tough Mudder
    Chattanooga Waterfront Tri
    Cooper River Bridge Run
    SummerFest 5k
    Race for the Cure
    Olympic D.C. Triathlon
    70.3 Ironman relay team
    Allstate Half Marathon
    St. Anthony’s Olympic Triathlon
    Tough Mudder
    Publix Half Marathon
    Tough Mudder
    Nautica Malibu Olympic Triathlon
    Half IRONMAN – Rev 3 S.C.
    Nautica South Beach Triathlon
    IRONMAN 70.3 – Augusta 2011
    Publix Half Marathon
    Tough Mudder
    Nautica Malibu Olympic Triathlon
    Charles Harris 10k (7:10 pace PR)
    Miami International Triathlon 2:45
    Turtle Crawl Olympic Triathlon 1st Place
    Nashville Half Marathon 8:00 pace
    ING Miami Half Marathon 7:30 pace
    ING Atlanta Half Marathon (67/396 Age) 1:44:19
    Charlotte Observer Half Marathon
    ING Half Marathon 1:40:40 (7:45 pace)
    Atlanta Half Marathon (99/364 Age; 8:28 pace)
    Rock and Roll Marathon San Diego
    Chateau Elon Duathlon
    Peachtree Road Race 10k
    Big Peach 5k
    Eikken Minute Man / Team Big PEACH
    Country Music Half Marathon Nashville
    Peachtree Road Race 10k
    Buckhead Sizzler 10k
    Buckhead Sizzler 10k
  • MATTHEW SHIELDS Personal Trainer

    Having played football and basketball in Atlanta throughout his undergraduate studies at Kennesaw State, Matt quickly realized his appreciation for first class coaching. The leadership and competitive spirit among coaches and teammates improved with his level of experience. Through years of working with different athletes, trainers and coaches, he developed his passion for personal training.

    Before reaching this level of experience, Matthew suffered back and hamstring injuries due to poor coaching. During the long and painful rehab process, his passion became a reality and his pursuit of personal training began. His life mission to become the best “coach” quickly developed upon certification 2006.

    Without compromise, Matt continues to dedicate himself to his many clients. Despite the wide variety of pre-existing injuries and weight gain that clients bring him, he continues to achieve unbelievable results. The success stories and accolades include 100+ lb weight loss, high-school to collegiate-athlete development, surgery prevention and joint strengthening are just a few of these.

  • Samra Personal Trainer

Weight Loss Success Stories for Motivation

  • Lost 40 lbs of Fat and gained 11 lbs of Lean Muscle!

    Working out on my own was difficult and confusing, but after three months of training with our Midtown Trainers Trey and Ray, only two to three times a week and following their nutrition guides, I'm getting the results that I never got trying to do it myself!

  • From A Size 18 to A Size 8!

    Ongoing knee pain sidelined me for almost a year because I was afraid to cause more pain and make matters worse. With a focused workout plan, Midtown Trainers coached me back to health, toned my legs, strengthened my knees and helped medrop 5 dress sizes! It was far superior to the other weight loss programs out there in that Midtown Trainers helped me become a healthy person, not just a person who lost weight.

  • Are you considering hiring a trainer?

    Trey is not your typical trainer. You can tell immediately he's not just a "Human Counter" or someone concerning with just making money. He truly cares about assisting you in reaching your goals. In the process, he'll motivate you, push you to do more, and make you give more that you thought you had to give. It's hard work, no question. In the three months of working out with Trey, I have learned how to effectively workout, how to use the gym's equipment, and how to eat healthily.

  • Boosted my confidence

    Trey has helped me curb my diet, my daily routine, and implement a great daily workout that has really changed my overall physique and boosted my confidence. The studio also offers services like massages and ready to go meals. He really likes to figure out what your goals are and to help you achieve them. Once you meet Trey, you will instantly see his passion for this. Highly recommended.