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Before creating a strategy of how to improve your nutrition intake, we need to know more about your macronutrient profile, your activity level, and your overall work / sleep / stress balance. During phase 1 of training, we ask that you keep a journal of everything you eat and drink. In order to give you the additional advice on how to get your body operating at peak levels, we carefully discuss these variables, and how to anticipate them so that they will fit properly into your life.



Nutrition is a very big factor in getting results! At Midtown Trainers, we challenge you to be at your best! This means we will spend some time on your nutrition intake. Our trainers are expert nutrition coaches. It is important to fuel your cardio training with the proper nutrition to achieve maximum weight loss and lean muscle build.


Detox is a mix of several different juices, fruits, and vegetables. It is the recommended starting point for almost everyone starting a new workout plan. If you have never juiced or detox before, it’s not that bad. The pro’s are that you lose a few pounds of water weight, enjoy more mental clarity, increase your nutrient absorption rates, and get refocused on nutritional discipline.


We offer several different options for meal plans. One of which includes a meal service; a quick and easy solution to get clean, calorie-controlled, low-carb meals. The other options include custom meal plan which gives our clients exactly what they need to change their physique within the timeline and scope of the plan.

All of our CardioActive workouts incorporate a strong nutritional focus. We offer customized meal plans and ongoing nutritional guidance to get results faster.

To get your own personalized meal plan, please follow the steps below:

  1. Schedule your JumpStart session now. Click here to schedule
  2. Start your five day food journal. (Hint: MyFitnessPal App OR Fat Secret App)
  3. Bring journal to your JumpStart session; even if you don’t join training you will get a custom meal plan based on exactly what you need to get results ($150 value).

In the first phase of your personal training, we help you ignite your metabolism, increase your natural digestion and absorption rates so your body will make a sharp transition from being sedentary or from hitting a plateau. Following one static simple meal plan may cause your physique to plateau. With our custom meal plan, which is adjusted anywhere from two weeks to two months, you will find an optimal nutrient absorption, improved digestion, and a stronger lean muscle foundation from which to burn more calories and get rid of fat.

Be aware of any weight loss program that does not have a strong background in nutrition. If you want to get more information about our program, sign up for a complimentary consultation here.

Contact us if you have any questions about our nutrition or meal programs.

Nutrition Specialists in Atlanta

Midtown nutrition Muddling through all the information on the internet to start a fitness plan alone can be overwhelming. Instead of striking out alone, finding a sports nutritionist or nutrition consultant near you can help personalize a meal and workout plan to maximize your fitness results.

If you are looking to start a fitness journey in Atlanta or Brookhaven GA, you may want to find a nutrition coach for faster success. Located in Atlanta, Midtown Trainers provides certified nutrition specialists that can create a personalized meal plan for maximum results.

Any Midtown nutrition coach believes that the key to weight loss success is creating a nutrition-based plan. Before coming to your first training session, a sports nutritionist will have you keep a five-day food journal to get an understanding of your initial hydration, calorie, and macro intake. These certified nutrition specialists will also look at your stress patterns to take your emotional well-being into account as they formulate a meal plan tailored to your needs and to help you break habits that stand in your way.

A Midtown nutrition consultant would recommend that anyone looking to improve their lifestyle in Brookhaven GA by forming healthier habits start with a detox or cleanse. These cleanse typically involve juices, fruits, and vegetables, and a nutrition coach will recommend them to help purify your system so you can start on a journey towards clean, low carb eating.

Sports Nutritionist


Nutritionist atlanta ga In addition to a nutrition consultant, Midtown can help you achieve results faster by helping you design a workout plan suited to your goals with a personal training program. When working together with certified nutrition specialists, personal trainers can design the ideal plan for your body type, metabolism, and current activity level to help you either leave behind a sedentary lifestyle or conquer a fitness plateau.

Fitness plateaus are frustrating even if you stick to a meal and exercise, plateaus are often inevitable as your body adjusts to your routines. That’s why at Midtown, a sports nutritionist will adjust your meal plan every few weeks to few months, and you can frequently adjust your exercise program, too. By constantly challenging your body with new routines, you can break out of a plateau fast.

To round out your Atlanta or Brookhaven GA fitness experience, Midtown also provides group fitness programs designed to help you form a community with other people on their healthy-living journeys. Group fitness classes are ideal for finding workout buddies or just having a lower-pressure workout day to alternate with personal training and provide variety to a dynamic workout plan and nutrition consultant approved meal plan. A nutrition coach or sports nutritionist will often recommend a wide variety of both foods and workout routines to maximize weight loss results. For more information on the benefits of group fitness training.

If you live in Atlanta or Brookhaven GA, Midtown can provide the certified nutrition specialists, personal trainers, and group fitness programs you need to start your healthy living journey.

See what it looks like when you work with us!

Sports nutritionist atlanta ga

Imagine getting incredible results like the rest of our clients twice as fast as any cookie cutter workout routine!

The secret is in our revolutionary fitness method…

We are here to optimize your fitness and prioritize each minute that you spend training with us. The effective CardioActive fitness system was designed by our head trainer Trey Harris. CardioActive is all about optimization. This system manages your fatigue so that you can burn up to 1000 calories an hour while gaining serious strength.

CardioActive Personal Training has helped over 10,000 people in only 14 years by combining cardio, functional training and nutrition!


Everytime you exercise with a Midtown trainer they will track your results. To maximize your time we will work with you to adjust your program so that we meet your goals on time. Discover what we can achieve by working together and check out our trainers by clicking below!

Our years of experience have allowed us to create a program that is effective and fun. It will teach you all of the fundamentals of fitness so you can have a strong base which allows you to progress quickly.

Increase your strength, stability and balance all while losing weight fast!

Burns 3X more fat than cardio

Accelerates change in your physique

Increases overall energy levels and tones muscle

With every 1-on-1 session, we provide clear communication on how to get the most out of your body and avoid workout related injury. We take the time to understand your personal needs and medical history so that we can create a safe environment.

Each session is in a private setting which allows you to focus on meeting your goals without the pressure of going to a traditional gym. Staying focused allows you to bring a strong positive intention to every session. Our trainers take the guesswork out of the gym which allows us to make each session just 45 minutes long.



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