Necia Jones

Necia Jones

Personal Trainer

She discovered fitness in a dark time in her life after she experienced a great loss. To cope, Necia began training and discovered her passion for fitness. It gave her time to re-build the confidence that she once had and comforted the pain that she was experiencing. While taking control of her life again she found that setting goals and achieving them was an extremely rewarding.

Today she is an experienced trainer who loves helping others unlock a better version of themselves. She is a NFPT certified personal trainer and Nutrition Specialist. Throughout her time as a personal trainer she has developed specialties in strength, stability and resistance training.

The workouts and nutrition programs that she generates are focused on toning and sculpting the body quickly. Necia is a strong advocate of the CardioActive training system. This strategy has allowed her to help dozens of women get back into incredible shape. Her training and life experience have made her a strong motivator. This skill will propel you through each workout with a high level of energy.


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