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Tell me if this sounds like you. You excel in most areas of your life. You are serious about being an above-average employee, partner, and parent. On top of all your responsibilities, you still manage to make it to the gym a few times a week. Then, it gets complicated.

You have found your gym routine has become dull and predictable. Unlike your life where you strive for more, you have found yourself cutting corners and heading home early because no one is holding you accountable or pushing you to try harder. If this sounds like you, we get it, and we are here to help!

The “JumpStart Session” is a free session provided to you one time as a courtesy to learn more about Midtown Trainers. We will start by touring our state-of-the-art facility, followed by a professionally guided 30-minute workout. We even provide a heart monitor, water bottle, and towel. Next, we measure your body composition (fat, muscle & body age), coordination, strength, endurance, and aptitude for instruction. After the workout, we will review your results and present you with a customized training plan designed to deliver results in 10-14 days.

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