How to Prepare for Your JumpStart Session

Before Your 1-on-1 ‘JumpStart Workout’

Duration: 60 – 75 minutes
Location: Midtown Trainers | 2115 Piedmont Rd NE Atlanta GA 30324
Purpose:  We will Design & Instruct you through a challenging workout designed specifically for your body.
Prepare: Dress for a light workout

Before your workout, our head-trainer will consult with you in-depth to understand your fitness goals and Individual needs.
The purpose of this workout is NOT to test your limits.
Through the use of a heart-rate monitor (provided),we’re able to make the workout challenging and manage your fatigue.

We actually know when you’re going to get tired – usually before you do
The purpose is to experience a professionally-guided 1-on-1 workout to see if you enjoy working together.

During a ‘Walk and Talk’ – you will get to know your trainer and what to expect for your workout – every workout is highly-varied – think precision + muscle confusion.

The intensity will be as intense as you would like it. More often, precise movements and clear instruction yield better results faster than a lot of ‘strain and pain’ exercises.

Stay Hydrated, but DON”T EAT within 1 hour of working out – if you must eat, minimize fiber and fats.

During your JumpStart workout, we are able to:

  1. Adapt to your Energy Level – Nobody likes to be pushed too hard or too fast, we get it.
    Every workout starts at your pacetargets your goals, and can include stretching or massage!
  2. Tailor to Your Body – whether you had knee surgery last year or don’t like burpee’s, we get it.
    Every workout will improve strength and stability around injuries and surgeries while making every minute count!
  3. Make Fitness Fun, Rewarding, and Exciting – With this personal relationship, you will grow, your will be challenged, and we will help you live a happier, healthier life!

Workout incorporate a wide-variety or the following styles of fitness:

Strength-Training | Body-Weight Training | H.I.I.T. Training | Kettle-bell Training
TRX Training | Balance & Stability Training| Core Training | Weight-loss Training
Metabolic Testing | VO2 Max Testing | Custom Meal Plan | Dietitian on Staff