Have You Ever Tried A Spartan Race

If you want to challenge yourself beyond just getting fit, consider working toward a personal victory in the Tough Mudder, Spartan Race or Battlefrog. Many of our clients in Atlanta, GA come to shed a few pounds and get into shape and find they love the challenge and the results of setting a fitness goal and achieving it. When they reach their initial goal, they set another. These races are grueling, so they set a huge challenge that tests both the mind and body, which is often why people love it so much. It’s a chance to see just how much they can do and how mentally tough they are.

All three are tough and will challenge you at every turn.

Your endurance, strength and sometimes problem solving skills or teamwork, especially in the Tough Mudder, need to be in top form for each of these races. Which one is best? All three of these are challenging. However, it’s all about what you want. The Spartan Race is for those who want to go it alone and challenge themselves. While the Tough Mudder does also, it’s more about teamwork and people who want a challenging social activity love it the most. The Battlefrog was created by Navy Seals and some say it’s the most challenging of the three.

No matter what your level of fitness, there’s a race for you.

That doesn’t mean that you’ll go from a couch potato to a top competitor in these races. It does, however, mean that with the right training and a little time, you could enter one of the levels of competition, maybe not the hardest, but also maybe not the easiest either. It’s all up to you and how hard you want to work. We provide the guidance, but you have to add the sweat and dedication.

Eating healthy is also a part of completing these races.

Whether you’re training to get fitter or training for one of the grueling races, you need to have the right fuel to make sure your body is at its best. Just like putting sugar in a gas tank will harm the car, putting sugar and other unhealthy foods in your body will slow you down and prevent you from doing your best. You need high octane for these races and that comes from a healthy diet that’s a step beyond the rest.

  • You’ll need loads of cardio training. Having endurance is tops for these races. The obstacles will challenge you and if you fail to complete one, count on doing burpees as a penalty. That takes real endurance.
  • Strength training is also important. Lower body strength is necessary for the jumps and bursts of power uphill. Upper body strength is necessary for some of the obstacles like the sled drag and Spartan ladder will challenge your upper body and lower body strength.
  • Building confidence and mental grit will help you make it through the race. One of the reasons for using a trainer for these races is to have someone push you when you think your tank is empty. That helps you build the mental toughness and determination you need for races like these.
  • Learning what to eat before the race, how to handle certain obstacles and ways to conserve your energy and make every movement count are important parts of training.

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