H.A.T.S For Women By Women

Women Focused Fitness

When it comes to sculpting the female physique, no one knows a woman’s body like a woman. So at Midtown Trainers, we ensure that our trainers are knowledgeable about what it takes to help women of all backgrounds to look and feel their best. Through the H.A.T.S. program, women can benefit from accountability coaching from their trainer while developing a long-lasting relationship with fitness.


The first place you tend to gain weight tends to be the last place you lose it. Unfortunately for most women, this means carrying excess weight in your hips and thighs. A strong physique with toned hips starts by reducing body fat and strengthening the lower body.

Appearances aside, regularly exercising your hips is the foundation to having a strong body. Strong hips allow for more power when running and jumping, but also helps prevent future injuries.


You’ve heard it a million times before — abs are made in the kitchen. It’s also the key to sculpting and maintaining rock-hard abs. But trying to figure out how much to eat and when can make it seem impossible to keep your diet on track. Between our in-house registered dietitian, dedicated personal trainers, and a strength training routine, you’ll be bikini ready in no time.


When it comes to losing fat, there is no way to spot reduce problem areas. However, you can use targeted exercises to make these areas stronger. Our CardioActive™™ style of training allows us to customize workouts to help reach your personal goals faster. By combining strength and endurance training, it will be that much easier to achieve body fat reduction and cellulite removal that leads to the sculpted thighs you’ve been dreaming of.


Your weight is determined by three main things: how much you work out, how many calories you consume, and your age. If you’re working out too little and eating too much, this creates belly fat that’s harder to lose as you get older. If you’ve been running on the treadmill for months wondering why you’re not seeing any changes, it might be time to switch to a strength-focused routine. Our fitness programs are designed to help you lose stubborn belly fat while building lean muscle that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

What comes in the H.A.T.S program:

3x a week Personal Training
Custom Meal Plans
Massage or Stretch Services
Concierge Level Service

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