Is there a charge for the first session?

No. The “JumpStart Session” is a free session provided to you one time as a courtesy to learn more about Midtown Trainers.The first session is not a workout session, normal attire is recommended. During the session, we will discuss your exercise history, health history, fitness goals, and lifestyle. We will also answer any questions and explain our program!

How much weight can I lose with your program?

Members who follow our program typically lose 8-12 pounds of body fat per month. Individual member results will vary!

What is the investment to work with Midtown Trainers?

Pricing and programs are developed with a minimum investment of $100 per week. We fitness testing, custom meal plan, weight training, and methods for warming-up, cardio, and stretching.

How are Midtown Trainers qualified?

All Midtown Trainers have at least three years experience, hold multiple Nationally Accredited Personal Training Certifications as well as a Certificate in our signature CardioActive Training.

Do I have to sign a long-term agreement?

No. We have month-to-month agreements!