Is there a charge for the first session?

No. The “JumpStart Session” is a free session provided to you one time as a courtesy to learn more about Midtown Trainers. There is a workout included. During the session, we will discuss your exercise history, health history, fitness goals, and lifestyle. We will also answer any questions and explain our program!

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How much weight can I lose with your program?

Members who follow our program typically lose 8-12 pounds of body fat per month. Individual member results will vary!

What is the investment to work with Midtown Trainers?

Pricing and programs are developed with a minimum investment of $100 per week. We fitness testing, custom meal plan, weight training, and methods for warming-up, cardio, and stretching.

How are Midtown Trainers qualified?

All Midtown Trainers have at least three years experience, hold multiple Nationally Accredited Personal Training Certifications as well as a Certificate in our signature CardioActive Training.

Do I have to sign a long-term agreement?

No. We have month-to-month agreements!