What exactly is ENERGY? 

ENERGY is a personal training program where you will work alongside a small group of dedicated individuals and follow the close instruction of a certified personal trainer. Unlike traditional classes that are packed with a ton of people, ENERGY was designed to surround you with an intimate number of workout warriors who want to achieve things you do.

Energy Class Includes:

Personalized Fitness & Nutrition Plans –  $120 value

Fitness Matched Group – Socially Distanced

Limited Space – Class Max 4 ppl

This program is three workouts each week to keep you on track. Since half the battle lies in the way you eat, we conduct a nutritional assessment and provide you with a personalized meal plan. We’ve seen the power that comes from holding people accountable. This is why we will also assign you a lifestyle coach for complete guidance and accountability.

Can’t I Just Do This Stuff On My Own?

We understand that on paper, it may look like working out can be done by yourself. However, when you take this route you no longer have anyone to hold you accountable. You are also left guessing regarding the goals you need to work towards and if you are making any real progress. Personal training guarantees if you put in the work, you will see results.

What makes ENERGY different from the rest? 

We are so glad you asked this. Similar personal training programs are created with no one specific person in mind. This type of cookie-cutter approach limits the results you can achieve. This is why we created ENERGY to solve specific issues experienced by real people.

This includes working professionals who don’t workout as much as they should, people who are tired of getting in trouble by their doctor for being overweight, those who suffer insomnia, and anyone who has seen a decrease in their focus or mental sharpness. This program will have long-lasting positive effects on all areas of your life.

Won’t This Be Expensive?

When thinking about investing in your long-term health, it is important to consider if you can afford NOT to do it. What will happen to you if you continue to ignore your health and fitness goals? Now is the time to take action to avoid ending up as an unhealthy individual who has trouble getting around.

Our programs are fairly priced and include discounts for those who commit for an extended period of time. ENERGY is also one of a kind because it encompasses your entire weight loss journey. In addition to the three weekly sessions, we packed this package with discounted services and products to improve every aspect of your fitness routine. This includes discounted offerings on customized meal plans, dietitian coaching, metabolic testing, heart rate monitors and a lot more.

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