Eating Both Protein Plus Fiber Is Important

If you aren’t aware already about the importance of protein plus fiber in your diet, you’ve just begun your journey toward a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. Just like healthy fat, fiber and protein help fill you up while providing essential nutrients. It’s beneficial to those trying to lose weight because you aren’t as hunger as you would be consuming simple carbohydrates, like sugar products. You feel fuller with fewer calories.

Protein is a muscle builder.

Even people new to exercise realize that protein can help them build muscle tissue. In fact, it’s necessary for all cells It’s the main component in hair and nails, plus important for making hormones, enzymes, repairing tissue, bones, cartilage, skin and blood. Getting adequate fiber is important, luckily most people in the United States get enough. Good sources of fiber include lean meat, plant sources like nuts and fish.

Fiber is where the real shortage occurs.

Fiber is important to your digestive health. It’s a prebiotic that helps feed the good bacteria in the gut. Some fiber is soluble fiber, meaning it draws water to it and then turns to gel to slow digestion. That fiber is found mainly in nuts, seeds, beans, oat bran and some fruits and vegetables. Insoluble fiber is in vegetables, whole grain, wheat bran. It’s the fiber adds bulk and makes elimination easier. Having adequate fiber in your diet can help balance sugar and prevent cholesterol buildup in the body. Unfortunately, almost all Americans get far below the recommended requirement for fiber in their daily intake.

Not getting enough fiber in your diet causes more than just problems with the heart.

As noted before, a high fiber diet helps prevent cholesterol from building up, while also increasing your risk for heart disease. It can cause metabolic syndrome, which also can increase the risk and boost the potential for diabetes. If you have constipation, inflammatory bowel disease or an inflammation of the bowel or diverticulitis you probably need more fiber in your diet.

  • People often drink fruit juice, thinking they’re getting all the nutrients the fruit has to offer. In reality, they’re missing the fiber the fruit contains. It’s better to put the whole fruit in a smoothie or even better than that, eat it whole.
  • Snacks like apples, nuts and seeds can boost your fiber intake. If you’re eating nuts, you’ll also be boosting your protein intake.
  • You might not realize it, but avocados are high in fiber, plus they have healthy fat. Avocados are great when topping a salad or spread on toast to replace butter.
  • Fiber is essential to a healthy gut and provides essential food for good bacteria. It’s one of the reasons whole fruits and vegetables are good for you.

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