I’ve been training at Midtown Trainers for about 2 months and I do 1-on-1 training with Trey and Ty. They’re both great trainers and have their own personal style. I have a knee injury, but they’ve developed each session to help me strengthen and protect my knees. I’ve had zero pain. Trey makes sure I keep in proper alignment and when he sees I have a weaker area, he has the ability to adapt the workout and target what’s needed. When I train with Ty, I know he’s got a workout program tailored to my strength training goals. He includes full body movements, focuses on strengthening the core and includes athletic-type training.

Midtown Trainers has a multitude of services to help support you and your fitness goals. The entire team is supportive and encouraging. I’ve taken advantage of the stretching program with Mrs. Robinson, a custom meal plan with the in-house nutritionist, and ordered the Fresh-N-Fit meals. Everything is there to set you up for success. It’s certainly a commitment, but it’s worth it.