Midtown Trainers offers a challenging, dynamic, convenient, and motivating workout experience tailored to YOU- your personal goals, experience level, and lifestyle. MT also offers wraparound services including Dynaband stretching and dietician consults. If you are ready to commit to high-quality workouts, then look no further- MT will deliver.

I approached MT with a vague desire to “feel stronger” after losing the drive to exercise consistently over the course of the past year. As a former athlete and long distance runner, I knew I wanted change, yet I was hesitant to set the bar too high. In comes MT trainer Ty, who is phenomenal. Ty is passionate and knowledgable about fitness, and he truly cares about his clients. Each and every exercise has a purpose, which he will explain to you. After just a few sessions, I started to notice subtle improvements like better posture (and sleep!). Fast forward two months, and coupled with diet changes, my results have snowballed- increased muscle mass, overall tone, and flexibility. Ty’s sessions will keep you engaged and progressing towards your goals. My fitness journey started off small, and now I feel that the sky is the limit. Thank you MT, and thank you Ty! I’m so glad I joined.