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Are You Ready For A Fitness Evaluation

Are You Ready For A Fitness Evaluation

If you choose to start at Midtown Trainers in Atlanta, GA, we offer a JumpStart Workout to evaluate your level of fitness. Any fitness goal begins with this complimentary assessment and gives you a clear starting point, even if you decide not to work with us. In order to map out your results, and give you clear expectations on how, when, and what changes will be made to your body, we would only need about 20 minutes. Schedule a JumpStart workout today to get started.

A JumpStart Workout gives you all the plans: Fitness Plan, Nutrition, and Recovery Plan

Maybe you want to lose weight or tone up – that’s great. We want you to know where you’re starting to set achievable goals. If you’re completely out of shape, you may need more than one month to get in shape for the race. If you’re trying to lose weight until you reach 160 pounds, it’s not realistic to expect that to happen in a couple of months if you now weight in at 260.

We offer Concierge-Level Service – So you don’t have to wait, ever.

Whether it’s our accomodating personal trainers rescheduling your workouts, or adding a complimentary post-workout stretch, we have the formula to make fitness fun, challenging, and rewarding.

What do we look for in a fitness assessment?

  • Fitness assessments keep you accountable. If you’re working out to your maximum, but not losing weight, it might be that you’re not eating as healthy as you should.
  • It may seem like we ask a lot of questions when you first start, but each one is important. If you have any physical limitations or a medical condition, it’s extremely important to let us know before we begin any program.
  • Tracking your fitness is just as important as the original fitness assessment. You can see how you progress and if there’s any slowing or reversal of that progress, so the trainer can evaluate your program.
  • Assessing your nutritional intake is as important as the fitness assessment. That’s why we have you do a food journal.

What Is Your Fitness Fear?

What Is Your Fitness Fear?

What are you afraid of? Spiders? Snakes? The Dark? We all have our fears, but when it comes to fitness, you’d be surprised just how many people are truly and honestly afraid. Whether their fear stems from a bad experience in the past or a perception based

What is Your Fitness Fear?

Getting Injured or Hurt

One of the main fears I hear over and over again as a personal trainer is that they are afraid of getting injured or hurt. I get it. Gym equipment can be quite intimidating, especially if you do not know how to properly use it. Many people are afraid that they will get injured if they begin to work out.

As a personal trainer, one of my biggest concerns is your safety. That’s why any experienced personal trainer can modify workouts and instructs on proper form so that you do not injure or hurt yourself while performing various exercises.

Low Self Esteem

Many people are afraid of getting into the gym or working out due to low self-esteem. They see the images on social media or online of these overly-buff people working out in their perfectly tanned bodies and you get intimidated. Not everyone who goes to the gym is a bodybuilder. In fact, most people are just your average everyday person looking to become a better version of themselves. Don’t let someone else’s best deter you from becoming your best.

That You Can

Often many people are afraid of what they can’t do. But the truth is, there are more people that are afraid of what they can do. They’re afraid they’ll look too good. They’re afraid they’ll be too strong. They’re just afraid of what will happen when they reach their goals.

This is something you definitely should not be afraid of. Yes, your body is going to change and it will be different. Your spirit will also change, and it’s going to be a journey that will be well worth it!

Face Your Fears

Whatever your fear is, we can help you face it hand on. Working with a personal trainer means that you get that dedicated one on one attention you need so that you are not afraid.  Working with injuries? We can fo that. Gym-timidation? No such thing in our private suites. Crushing it? You’re going to exceed your goals with us, but we won’t let you go at it alone.

Why You Should Join A Run Club

Why You Should Join A Run Club

At all of your favorite races, you see groups adorned with matching shirts in the starting corrals. You see them run through your favorite parks on the weekend and see their post-run selfies all over social media.

If you are an avid runner, or just getting started, there is a chance that you have at least heard about your local neighborhood run club. Have you ever considered joining?

Why You Should Join A Run Club

Scheduled Workouts

Staying consistent is difficult for many people. You make yourself promises and schedule them in, but for one reason or another, they just don’t end up happening. When joining a run club, the meetups are pre-scheduled with a warm-up and cool down all in one.

This type of consistency can really help you reach your goals whether they be just getting more consistent with your runs or improving your pace time. Having a pre-scheduled time and place to meet other runners who are just as motivated, or more, than you is an excellent way to keep yourself accountable.


Speaking of accountability, scheduled workouts are just one of the ways that joining a run club can help you stay accountable. Knowing that there are people waiting on you at a certain time gives you that extra boost needed to get your run in. Also, the other members of the club will often check in on you, so if you miss a meeting or on late, you can expect a couple of phone calls and text messages!

Experienced Coaches

A great thing about joining a run club is having experienced coaches to help you along the way. Usually, the run club has in house trainers that are certified and have been there themselves making them the perfect people to take you to the next level. What’s better is that many run clubs offer training programs for specific local races!


There’s nothing better than a great run among friends. Being part of a run club means making new friends along the way. It’s a great way to socialize with runners in your area, share running tips, and make new friends. Also, many run clubs will hold non-running social events like dinner or shopping for new run shoes!

Find New Races

With all of the different people who join run clubs, there’s bound to be someone with the inside scoop regarding new races you can participate in. Everyone has their specific likes when it comes to races – 5k, marathon, charity, color runs, etc. Connecting with the members of your club is sure to open the door to a whole world of new races that you probably never knew existed.

Extra Motivation

A recurring theme through all of our reasons to join a run club is the extra motivation. From having people that you can depend on, to scheduled workouts, and the social aspect of it all: run clubs serve as a motivational booster club above all else.

Midtown Trainers Run

If you really want to get active, come run with us! Not only do we love to run together, but we possess the skills and the knowledge to train you for any race that you may want to participate in! Give us a call and we can get you running stronger, faster, better, in no time!

10 Tips For Training For the AJC Road Race

10 Tips For Training For the AJC Road Race

The AJC Peachtree Road Race is the largest 10k in the world. Becoming a participant is like winning the lottery, literally! Every year, the race conducts a lottery to determine the lucky few runners that get that coveted racer’s bib. If you were one of those lucky few, then you’ve probably been training for the big day. That’s great, because we’ve got you covered!

10 Tips For Training For The AJC Road Race

1 Run Outside

This may seem obvious, but the best thing you can do to train is to run, and running outside is even better. Atlanta is known for its rolling hills and intense heat, especially in the summer months. With the race taking place during the Fourth of July, the Atlanta heat is at its peak. Get comfortable running outside so that when race day hits, the outside weather doesn’t slow down your pace.

2. Stay Hydrated

Speaking of heat, it is important to stay hydrated during your training sessions. A great way to stay hydrated is by drinking plenty of water. One great type of water is Alkaline. Alkaline water is water that’s less acidic than regular tap water. This means it is rich in alkalizing compounds, including calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate.

3. Train Faster

The AJC Peachtree Road Race is a family event. That means they practice the “your race, your pace” motto. However, if you want to do your personal best then you should train slightly above the pace that you’re wanting to run. Luckily, the Atlanta Track Club provides pacers, runners that help you keep your pace during the race.

4. Strength Training

When people think of running races, the last thing that comes to mind is lifting weights. However, strength means power and if you want to become a powerful runner then you should look at adding strength training to your regimen. By simply adding at least two days of strength training, you can drastically improve your run form and your pace!

5. Invest in Shoes

An athlete’s equipment can make or break their performance. This is no different from runners, and having great shoes makes a great difference. Investing in sturdy, comfortable, and durable shoes means you can tackle the Atlanta piedmonts with ease.

6. Have a Plan

Don’t go at your training half baked. Set a goal and have a plan so that you can hold yourself accountable. Having a plan means that you can train with purpose and intent instead of just running.

7. Stay Consistent

Staying consistent can be tough, especially when training for a 10k. Training with friends or a run club can help hold you accountable and to stay consistent with your runs. Running at a designated time every day also helps with consistency. With anything in life worth working for, consistency is key.

8. Do a Dress Rehearsal

In theater, the cast will usually participate in a dress rehearsal a few times before the show. They wear the costumes, practice the lighting, and go through the show as if they were performing it to get all of the bugs out. This method of training is perfect for runners as well. From what you’re going to eat, to what you’re going to wear, practicing the logistics of race day can help you to hone in onto what it is you need to focus on.

9. Train Your Mind

Mentally prepare for the race. Relax, spend time with friends and family. Remember why you entered the race in the first place. Training for a race is just as much physical as it is mental. Don’t let your mind lead you astray. Focus, and become the master of your own mind just as you’ve become the master of your body.

10. Plan for Atlanta

If you’re from Atlanta then you know, going downtown during a Holiday weekend is a journey within itself. If you’re not from Atlanta, then you’ll quickly learn what it means. Plan ahead for Atlanta traffic and the parking situation. If it is an option, take the MARTA train or carpool. Leave earlier than normal to give you time for re-routing for the race as well as checking in and warming up.

Final Thoughts

Regardless if it’s your first race or your 50th, it’s always great to get another opinion when it comes to your training. At Midtown Trainers, we have experience running, and the over 100 finisher medals to prove it! If you don’t know where to start then give us a call and we can help you get started!

What Helps Lower Back Pain?

What Helps Lower Back Pain?

Are you one of the millions of Americans who suffer from lower back pain and wondering what can possibly help it? A quick internet search for “what helps lower back pain” will yields millions to billions of solutions and we bet you’ve tried them all. If you want to ease your lower back pain permanently and start living a happier and healthier life then it’s time to consider the best solution out there: hire a personal trainer near you.

What Helps Lower Back Pain?

In your research it is likely that you came across some of these typical solutions: buy new furniture, consult your primary physician, or see a Chiropractor. You did all three and can’t seem to find a permanent solution. That’s when you begin to consider a personal trainer.

Personal Trainers aren’t just for loosing weight, as many people assume. They can help you with an array of health and fitness problems to help you reach the goals in your wildest dreams.

If your lower back pain is a result of your 9 to 5 from sitting all day in front of a computer all day, engaging in exercise before or after work can greatly decrease the odds of your back hurting at all.

Exercising on your own when you’re trying to combat a specific issue can be daunting. There is a lot of information out there on the internet with DIY workouts and stretches that you can download for free, but that doesn’t mean they’re the greatest sources out there.

Nothing beats having a trained professional who is able to see you from a clear 360 degrees be able to assist you in adjusting your form and customizing your workouts so that you can reach your goals quicker and more efficiently.

Benefits of a Personal Trainer

Hiring a personal trainer has many benefits aside from just helping reach your fitness goals. They can serve as your partner in fitness, being a comrade to your success. If you need accountability when it comes to working out, trainers can provide that in a 1 on 1 personalized setting.

One of the other greatest benefits to hiring a personal trainer is their expertise. At Miltown Trainers, we have a combined experience level of over 50 years. That means between all of our expert certified trainers, we’ve seen it all. Whatever your pain, we can fix it. 


Physical Therapist vs. Personal Trainer

What’s the difference between a physical therapist and a personal trainer? With lower back pain, a physical therapist may seem like the better solution. However, a physical therapist is only a quick fix when it comes to the longevity of your pain relief. The key component in staying pain free after physical therapy or a chiropractic session is building muscle to support your back.

A physical therapist just isn’t going to do that. The only way to build muscle efficiently and effectively, especially with the goal of reducing your lower back pain, is by working with a personal trainer.


Chiropractic Quick Fix

A chiropractor can definitely help relieve some of your pain. These skilled professionals can adjust joints and muscles to align them in a way that is most pleasing to you. However, this is only a quick fix.

Think of a chiropractor like a band-aid. Band aids stop the bleeding, but they won’t heal the wound. If you want to permanently relieve your back pain then you need to work on strengthening your back like mentioned before.

The Solution

There are many viable solutions to helping with your lower back pain as we have stated. However, the absolute best solution is not just one thing. We strongly encourage you to seek out chiropractic work along with a regular personal trainer so that you can build the muscle necessary to support your back.

If you’re serious about relieving your pain it’s time to reach out to your neighborhood personal trainer now!

Keep Your Lips Healthy In The Cold

Keep Your Lips Healthy In The Cold

While the cold weather takes its toll on all your skin, it’s especially hard on the lips. Your lips are a different type of skin that’s far thinner and more delicate. It takes extra steps to keep your lips healthy in the cold weather. The skin on your lips dries out ten times as fast as the other skin on your face. Taking extra steps will help you keep your lips from cracking and keep them smooth throughout the winter months.

Don’t forget to drink loads of water.

You may not feel like drinking as much fluid in the winter, but it’s just as important. The extra water keeps your whole body hydrated, including the lips and skin. Drink at least 8-eight ounce glasses of water each day. People tend to feel less thirsty in the winter and that’s just when they should drink more. The interior air is dryer due to the need to turn on the heat. That extra water will help you stay healthier as an extra bonus.

Your lips may feel dry, but licking them won’t help.

When you lick your lips, the saliva from licking them evaporates even faster and then you’re left with even drier lips. It’s super tempting to lick them when they feel dry, but avoid it if you can. Some people use flavored balm. That actually tastes good and temps you to lick your lips even more. Avoid it. Remember, digestion starts in the mouth. Those digestive enzymes also irritate your lips, since they’re meant to start the digestive process on food…including meat.

Get a humidifier and breathe through your nose.

There’s a way to combat the dry air and that’s change it to air that has more moisture. During the winter, a humidifier can help with lots of problems, from keeping you less likely to get upper respiratory problems to reducing the potential for chapped lips. Some skin care products also have drying qualities or contain allergens that can irritate the lips. What may seem like a simple idea, breathing in through the nose, can actually be hard if you normally breathe in through your mouth or you have a cold. Have you ever noticed how chapped your lips get when you have stuffy nose? It’s because all the air has to pass through the mouth, causing chapped lips.

  • Seal in the moisture on your lips with a balm, beeswax or lipstick. A waterproof layer of protection is important. Avoid those with camphor, menthol and eucalyptus. They actually dry out the lips.
  • Don’t rub off the scaly skin with either your teeth or fingers. That only makes matters worse. Instead, apply a super dense layer of heavier protection or Vaseline on your lips.
  • Put lip balm on your lips before you go to bed. If you can, use a humidifier in the bedroom to help maintain a healthy moisture.
  • Eating healthy can provide the nutrients you need to strengthen your skin, even on the lips. Make sure you have adequate protein, niacin and other B-vitamins, vitamin C and A and Omega3 fatty acids.

Our Fitness Coaches provide you with 1 on 1 Personal Training and Instruction to Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals.

10 Reasons Why You Need A Personal Trainer

Midtown Trainers 1 on 1 Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. They can help you to reach your fitness goals and help you to get the results you want. If you are someone who is serious about your fitness goals, have been consistent at the gym, and still haven’t seen the results you want; it’s time to consider hiring a personal trainer. If you’re looking to find a personal trainer near you, here are 10 reasons why you absolutely need a personal trainer.

1.You’re Not Getting Results

Nothing is more frustrating than working out day after day, week after week, and still not seeing the results you want. Whether those goals are weight loss, muscle gain, or just living a happy and healthy lifestyle, if you’re not seeing those results chances are it’s time to invest in a trainer.

Trainers can optimize your fitness goals to help you start seeing results in as little as little as 10 days. No other fitness program can guarantee you results. Personal Trainers are fitness partners for life, and are dedicated to being there for you every step of your personal journey.

2. You Don’t Know Where to Start

Big box gyms can be intimidating. They’re filled with expensive and complicated equipment, and people who don’t know how to use it. There’s a chance you’re extremely motivated to get into the gym, but not quite sure what you should be doing. You have no plan and no idea of where to start.

Personal trainers can help you with just that. They take time to listen to your goals and needs and develop customized workout plans. If you don’t know where to start, schedule a JumpStart Session so we can help you find your way!

3. You’re Busy

You’re a busy professional and you don’t have the time to go to the gym and wonder what it is you should do next. In those 30 or 45 minutes you have for the gym, you need to maximize your time to get the maximum results. This means every minute is accounted for and results driven. A personal trainer can do just that.

They not only work around your busy schedule to accommodate your needs, but they also create a customized workout plan to guarantee each minute of your session is optimized to see results. From early mornings to late afternoons, your trainer is here for you!

4. You Want to Be Challenged

Fitness Classes can be challenging, but once you get the hang of it they can become second nature. Without one on one personalized attention that a personal trainer can give you, your fitness routine can be plateaued.  If you want to be pushed to your limits, that type of individual attention can only be found with a trainer.

Your trainer can challenge you with new and innovative workouts each session. There’s no same old boring rep counting and sets when you work with a trainer!

5. You Need An Accountability Partner

Maybe you are great at holding yourself accountable, or maybe you’re like most people who fall short. Personal Trainers are expecting you to show up to your sessions and are going to hold you to them. Even being as little as 10 minutes late, you can expect a phone call from your trainer making sure you’re kicking into high gear that day.

Your trainer cares about you everyday, not just days they see you. They have a plan for staying on top of your fitness at home and how to manage your nutrition along they way.

6. You Have a Specific Illness, Injury, or Condition

Many people with pre-existing conditions want to live a healthy lifestyle but they are afraid of getting more hurt than they already are. The social aspect of a gym or a class is appealing, however with a knee injury or asthma, you’re afraid you will over extend yourself without that one one one supervision.

The great thing about trainers is that they can work around any illness, injury of condition that you may have. These experts are trained to deal with an array of problems and transform them into solutions. Something you simply cannot get with any other type of training.

7. You’re Training For An Event

You’ve wanted to enter a marathon, or have an important event coming up like a wedding and you want to look your best. There are countless online and DIY workouts available for any level. However, nothing beats the attention to detail like a Personal Trainer can provide.

If you’re considering entering your first ever Tough Mudder or Spartan Race, you’re not going to want to go at it alone. Be the best version of you that you can be with a customized workout plan specific for your event goals.

8. You Want Support During Workouts

Nothing beats a hard workout followed by a “Great Job!” and a solid high five. That feeling of support for someone who wants to see you succeed is a solid motivator. If you are looking to improve your form, trainers can help you do that too.

Think of personal trainers as your very own fitness instructors. Teaching you proper form, technique, and best practices for you to be able to excel even after your session. You can’t get that type of support anywhere else!

9. You Want To Workout At Home

For some people, training at a gym with other people can be a scary thought. If you are someone who likes their privacy, working out in the comfort of your own home can be appealing. Trainers can cut your commute to as little as a walk to the living room by offering in home sessions.

You “home” doesn’t have to be your physical place of residence either. From apartment gyms to office gyms, a trainer can help you wherever it is you want to be!

10. It’s Not Just Fitness They Can Help With

Improving your overall health and fitness is the most common advantage of working out with a trainer, but it’s not all they can help with. Working with a trainer improves your overall lifestyle. You’ll start feeling better than you’ve ever before in more ways than one. Pains that have ailed you for months or even years will be alleviated. And for possibly the first time in your life you’ll be confident in your body, your workout, and yourself.

You can do it, and a trainer will help you get there.

Find A Personal Trainer

If you’re considering hiring a personal trainer to help you reach your fitness goals, there are a number of different options to finding your perfect fit. You want to make sure that your trainer can provide you all of the basic benefits a personal trainer, but also goes above and beyond!

At Midtown Trainers, we are committed to your success. We want you to reach your goals, see results, and live a healthy and happy lifestyle; even if we’re not your choice for a personal training service. Download your FREE e-book as our gift to you, and start seeing the difference a trainer can make!

Stay Fit As You Get Older

Stay Fit As You Get Older

You might think that you automatically get weaker and less agile as you age, but that doesn’t have to be true if you stay fit as you get older. Best of all, it’s never too late to start. I have people that come have started in their 60s and are amazed at how much younger they feel. While it definitely is harder, with consistent effort, it’s possible. Something as simple as making it a habit of taking 10,000 steps a day can make a huge difference in your overall health. Just imagine what actually working out in the gym can do. You’ll do more than just boost your agility, strength and endurance, you’ll be boosting your brain power, too.

Never underestimate the benefits of whole foods.

If you want to stay younger looking and feeling, clean out your cupboards and throw away processed foods. Stick with healthier whole foods. A healthy diet and extra nutrition is even more important, since the body doesn’t absorb some nutrients as well when you age. Whole foods are far better than popping extra vitamins, since they provide phytonutrients, like anthocyanins that give purple, red and blue vegetables and fruits their color. They’re potent antioxidants that protect the cells. Foods like nuts, salmon and avocado provide healthy fats that help the brain and skin. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get rid of a potbelly when you’re eating healthier.

Make sure you have adequate hydration.

Don’t bother with sports drinks. Plain water is the best. It has no calories and is the perfect form for hydration. The older you get, the more prone to dehydration you become. Not only do you feel less thirsty as you did when you were younger, your body loses fluids quicker. If you’re over 50, keep a bottle of water with you at all times and even drink when you’re not thirsty. While dry skin, fever and dizziness are some symptoms of dehydration, the worse one is the confusion that’s often mistaken for dementia or other mental conditions in older people.

Don’t forget to exercise.

Of course, exercising should be a top priority, too. People don’t wear out, people rust out. Lack of exercise can lead to serious conditions. It makes it harder to do the daily tasks that were a breeze years earlier. You need more than just aerobic exercise, such as the 10,000 steps a day. Even though it’s a good start, you need strength training, flexibility training and training to improve your balance. Strength training is particularly important to keep you healthy. It can help prevent injury.

  • Strength training is particularly important for women as they age. They become more prone to osteoporosis after menopause. Strength training not only builds muscles, it helps maintain bone density, too.
  • You’ll be amazed at how smaller changes can affect your health. Just walking at a brisker pace with longer strides can boost your longevity according to several studies.
  • Attitude plays a role in how healthy you are and how healthy you stay. People who laugh or smile more actually may be affecting their own health. Try smiling even when you’re sitting alone. Even if it feels uncomfortable, let out a belly laugh once in a while and release of all the garbage of the day.
  • Keep active and social. Connecting with others helps you live longer. Consider joining a group workout. At our gym, you’ll always work at your own pace, so there’s no need to feel intimidated.

Have A Better Attitude Toward Fitness This Year

Have A Better Attitude Toward Fitness This Year

If you had to fight with yourself to get to the gym, it made sticking with a workout schedule almost impossible. That can slow your progress and even cause you to quit. Snubbing your nose at healthy eating takes its toll, too. You need to have a better attitude toward fitness this year to get the maximum benefits from your exercise program. Your attitude makes the difference between getting results and failure. If you hate it, you’ll find “really good” excuses not to do it. Do an attitude check and see whether yours is in the danger zone.

Do you hate working out or find you dread the gym?

There are lots of reasons people want to skip the gym. Most of them have to do with boredom or not getting results. Getting better, faster results is extremely important. It’s a huge motivation to continue. That’s also one reason to work with a personal trainer. He or she has the exercise program that can get you fit faster. Boredom is another area a trainer can help. Trainers vary the program, not just to avoid boredom but also to prevent plateauing, which can occur when the body becomes to efficient at doing an exercise. If you don’t have a trainer, take heed and do it.

If you think you don’t have time to workout or eat healthy, think again!

Whether it’s work or family that keeps you from working out or eating healthy, you need to take consider how it can actually make you get more done. It’s all a matter of scheduling! When you workout eat healthier, you’ll be amazed at how much energy you’ll have. You’ll also think clearer, so no matter whether it’s physical or mental, you’ll get your work done faster. It will be hardest at first, while you’re trying to schedule in working out. Eating healthy can be simpler. Just focus on cutting out sugar and processed food and drink and eating more whole foods.

Feeling deprived may be your reason for not eating healthy.

One of the biggest problems with dieting is that people often feel deprived AND hungry. Eating healthy isn’t dieting. It’s just making a smarter choice when it comes to food. You can start with big steps or baby steps. Baby steps might be cutting out sugar and sugary drinks first. That’s not easy since sugar is actually addictive. Once you have sugar conquered, move on to eliminating other processed foods and replacing them with whole foods. Sometimes simple substitutions, like putting Greek yogurt on your baked potato rather than sour cream, can save calories without changing the taste. Remember, eating healthy isn’t an all or nothing proposition.

  • It’s okay to occasionally have your favorite food, just make sure you focus on portion control and not do it as often.
  • Remember that exercise isn’t just in the gym, activities like biking and dance burn loads of calories and get you into shape. Have fun while getting fit!
  • Finances doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to join a gym to get exercise or eat healthy. Walk more or exercise at home. Eating healthy can be quite reasonable. You’ll often spend less eating healthy, especially if you buy fresh vegetables and fruit in season.
  • Focus on your reason to get fit. When you have strong motivation, nothing will stop you from getting into shape.

Eating Both Protein Plus Fiber Is Important

Eating Both Protein Plus Fiber Is Important

If you aren’t aware already about the importance of protein plus fiber in your diet, you’ve just begun your journey toward a healthy lifestyle and healthy diet. Just like healthy fat, fiber and protein help fill you up while providing essential nutrients. It’s beneficial to those trying to lose weight because you aren’t as hunger as you would be consuming simple carbohydrates, like sugar products. You feel fuller with fewer calories.

Protein is a muscle builder.

Even people new to exercise realize that protein can help them build muscle tissue. In fact, it’s necessary for all cells It’s the main component in hair and nails, plus important for making hormones, enzymes, repairing tissue, bones, cartilage, skin and blood. Getting adequate fiber is important, luckily most people in the United States get enough. Good sources of fiber include lean meat, plant sources like nuts and fish.

Fiber is where the real shortage occurs.

Fiber is important to your digestive health. It’s a prebiotic that helps feed the good bacteria in the gut. Some fiber is soluble fiber, meaning it draws water to it and then turns to gel to slow digestion. That fiber is found mainly in nuts, seeds, beans, oat bran and some fruits and vegetables. Insoluble fiber is in vegetables, whole grain, wheat bran. It’s the fiber adds bulk and makes elimination easier. Having adequate fiber in your diet can help balance sugar and prevent cholesterol buildup in the body. Unfortunately, almost all Americans get far below the recommended requirement for fiber in their daily intake.

Not getting enough fiber in your diet causes more than just problems with the heart.

As noted before, a high fiber diet helps prevent cholesterol from building up, while also increasing your risk for heart disease. It can cause metabolic syndrome, which also can increase the risk and boost the potential for diabetes. If you have constipation, inflammatory bowel disease or an inflammation of the bowel or diverticulitis you probably need more fiber in your diet.

  • People often drink fruit juice, thinking they’re getting all the nutrients the fruit has to offer. In reality, they’re missing the fiber the fruit contains. It’s better to put the whole fruit in a smoothie or even better than that, eat it whole.
  • Snacks like apples, nuts and seeds can boost your fiber intake. If you’re eating nuts, you’ll also be boosting your protein intake.
  • You might not realize it, but avocados are high in fiber, plus they have healthy fat. Avocados are great when topping a salad or spread on toast to replace butter.
  • Fiber is essential to a healthy gut and provides essential food for good bacteria. It’s one of the reasons whole fruits and vegetables are good for you.