Are You Ready For A Fitness Evaluation

If you choose to start at Midtown Trainers in Atlanta, GA, we offer a JumpStart Workout to evaluate your level of fitness. Any fitness goal begins with this complimentary assessment and gives you a clear starting point, even if you decide not to work with us. In order to map out your results, and give you clear expectations on how, when, and what changes will be made to your body, we would only need about 20 minutes. Schedule a JumpStart workout today to get started.

A JumpStart Workout gives you all the plans: Fitness Plan, Nutrition, and Recovery Plan

Maybe you want to lose weight or tone up – that’s great. We want you to know where you’re starting to set achievable goals. If you’re completely out of shape, you may need more than one month to get in shape for the race. If you’re trying to lose weight until you reach 160 pounds, it’s not realistic to expect that to happen in a couple of months if you now weight in at 260.

We offer Concierge-Level Service – So you don’t have to wait, ever.

Whether it’s our accomodating personal trainers rescheduling your workouts, or adding a complimentary post-workout stretch, we have the formula to make fitness fun, challenging, and rewarding.

What do we look for in a fitness assessment?

  • Fitness assessments keep you accountable. If you’re working out to your maximum, but not losing weight, it might be that you’re not eating as healthy as you should.
  • It may seem like we ask a lot of questions when you first start, but each one is important. If you have any physical limitations or a medical condition, it’s extremely important to let us know before we begin any program.
  • Tracking your fitness is just as important as the original fitness assessment. You can see how you progress and if there’s any slowing or reversal of that progress, so the trainer can evaluate your program.
  • Assessing your nutritional intake is as important as the fitness assessment. That’s why we have you do a food journal.

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