6 Weeks to Eat Challenge

Join the 6 Weeks to Eat Challenge for your chance to win a free YETI thermos, massage session, or stretch session!

Here Are The Rules:
All workouts need to be recorded with your heart-rate monitor and tracked in the Polar Beat app. Click here to grab the app.

We will be verifying your activity using your Polar log-in information.

– Each 30 minutes of cardio/activity equals 100 points.
– Activity can be indoors or outdoors.
– Workouts MUST be done outside of the gym (Midtown Trainers or other gym).
– Fitness classes at other gyms do not count.

The participants with the highest amount of points at the end of the Challenge will be the winners.

Join The Challenge

To confirm your participation in the 6 Week Challenge you will need to register via our Facebook Event Page.

Click here to go to the Event Registration Page.

Once on the page, simply click on the “Going…” button, and choose a time that you will begin working on the Challenge.

Once you are part of the Challenge, continue to visit the Event Page so that you can post your Polar Beat results.

If you have any questions about the 6 Weeks to Eat Challenge, please feel free to contact us here.